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Strategies for Undergraduate Research

Strategies for Undergraduate Research

I went to UC Berkeley for my undergrad, so I realize how easy it is to feel overwhelmed in the environment of a large public university. I sometimes felt my peers came with manuals on how to be the best students: make a two-to- three student study group (not too big, not too small), go to […]

Bioprinting iPSCs for Disease Modelin...

Bioprinting iPSCs for Disease Modeling

Can you imagine a future in which doctors can study poisons using a custom-made liver or scientists can test drugs on home-grown brains? While such visions may appear fanciful, a study published a few months ago by Advanced Healthcare Materials may have brought us one step closer. Led by Dr. Jeremy Crook, of the University […]

Stem cell careers

Stem cell careers

Career feature—technical writer Do you desire a career in stem cell research/regenerative medicine, but just can’t stomach lab or clinical work? Many students are passionate about the excitement and promise of this field, but for various reasons can’t see themselves slaving away at the bench or the bedside (after years of grueling and oftentimes expensive […]

March for Science | California &...

March for Science | California & Toronto

March for Science | April 22 | Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco & Toronto. SSSCR is excited to join forces on the March with Americans for Cures! We think it makes GREAT sense and will allow for maximum fun! There will be t-shirts and sign-making materials at the meet-up locations. Let’s join together […]

Winners of Stem Cell Debates (SSSCR- ...

Winners of Stem Cell Debates (SSSCR- U of T)

University of Toronto chapter of SSSCR holds Stem Cell Debates on March 18, 2017, where students square off on the most contentious issues in the field. Congratulations to our winners for the First Annual Stem Cells Debate Competition, Joaquin Francis Arias and Deepinder Kumar! 00

Newest SSSCR Chapter at UMass Lowell!

Newest SSSCR Chapter at UMass Lowell!

Hello everyone! I am very excited to announce our latest addition to the community with the SSSCR-University of Massachusetts Lowell chapter! We can’t wait to start our involvement this upcoming fall. Stay turned for more updates! 00

Registration Open: 2017 WFIRM RME Cou...

Registration Open: 2017 WFIRM RME Course

Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course June 5-9, 2017 Wake Forest Bowman Gray Center for Medical Education Winston-Salem NC Online registration is now OPEN! Early registration ends April 3, 2017. Often referred to as the next evolution of modern health care, regenerative medicine touches many disciplines – from clinical care and engineering to basic science and bioethics. […]

Laurel Barchas Asks Tough Question on...

The Critical Role of Patient Advocates in Accelerating Stem Cell Cures [Excerpt] When the session was opened up to questions, the atmosphere in the room turned electric. Patients and scientists stood up to tell their stories and asked hard questions. One question came from Laurel Barchas, one of the founders of the Student Society for Stem […]

(Joe’s Pic) SSSCR-Berkeley Phot...

(Joe’s Pic) SSSCR-Berkeley Photoshoot

Perhaps it is because of my mathematical roots that I like this picture so much; but regardless of my preferences, our SSSCR members continually amaze me with their creativity and vision for the future of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. See more creative ideas from the SSSCR-Berkeley chapter on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ssscrberkeley +10